Secure Connection with Gmail, WordPress using SSL

by hun

Connecting to internet via public WiFi has already become a common experience to anyone who has a portable computing device. For security purposes one would want the information between his/her computer and the server be encrypted; in particular if he/she is trying to connect to their mailbox which might contain sensitive or personal information.

For email clients like or Outlook, one can set the preferences (or options) so that the client always uses SSL encryption when reading or sending messages. But what about connecting to services using a web browser?

For Gmail and WordPress, there is an option the user can set so that they always connected via SSL encryption.

  • Gmail: Go to Settings > General. Below one can find “Browser connection”. Choose “Always connect use https”. (See Screen Capture 1.)
Setting to always use SSL when connecting to Gmail

(Screen Capture 1) Setting to always use SSL when connecting to Gmail

  • WordPress: Similar with Gmail. Go to My Account > Edit Profile. There one can find “Browser Connection”; check “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages”. (See screen capture 2.)
(Capture 2)

(Screen Capture 2) Setting to always use SSL when connecting to WordPress administration pages.

You know that you are using SSL connection when you see https://… in the address bar on the browser. If you are trying to login to a certain server and you don’t see https, then one can try to force SSL connection by typing https:// instead of http:// in the address bar. Helpful documents: