Snow Leopard and Quicksilver

by hun

Yes, I am one of those guys who ordered Snow Leopard to arrive at my door step this morning. (It was free shipping by the way.) I think it is well worth the upgrade money. The upgrade actually gave an extra 10 Gbytes of free space.

Snow Leopard officially launched today.

Snow Leopard officially launched today. Seamless upgrade; it simply "works".

After installing Snow Leopard, I found that Quicksilver that I installed in the past did not function properly (the Preference would not load). This problem was solved by deleting the folder “~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver” and installing version B56a7.


  • The Services Menu Module crashes with Snow Leopard. So don’t install that.
  • The trigger “Select (null) in command window” will not work in Snow Leopard. But one can always use Command+G (⌘+G) for that purpose after opening the Quicksilver command window.